Stage Roofs & Structures

Stage Roofing & Structures

Ideal Events stage roofs come in all shapes and sizes, 8×10, 6×4, 5×4. From ground mounted stages for festival stages or concert stages to Arch Roofs and budget stage roofs for smaller outdoor events where cover is required on a budget. Other cheaper alternative stage covers are the inflatable stage roof which can be assembled in minutes and a mobile stage or trailer stage which simply unfolds and is ready in no time at all with 2 crew.

Bespoke structures are another speciality – system scaffold or Layher scaffolding provides a whole world of possibilities to construct, for example, climbing walls, lookout towers, security towers, stair cases, stair towers, ramps, bridges, birdcages and front of house positions.

We keep a large stock Ringlock, Ocktolok scaffolding in all shapes and sizes and components, and a team of experienced scaffolders and stage crew to tackle the most complex of structures.

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